Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a........BOY!

Yesterday, the Professor and I found out the sex of our little one and were so excited to find out that we are expecting a teeny, tiny baby boy!  I can't tell you how incredibly happy we both feel.  When the ultrasound tech moved her wand thingy over my tummy and showed us the baby's private area, I felt tears of happiness spring to my eyes and I squealed out loud, "I KNEW IT."  For months, I'd been telling the Professor that I had a strong. gut feeling it was a boy and he would always tell me that there's no way I could know that and that we had a 50/50 shot of having one or the other.  I could never explain to him how certain I felt.  So when I was told that I am indeed carrying a baby boy, I felt such a sense of validation. I looked down at my tummy and I told my son, "I knew you little one. I knew what you were all along."

Apart from finding out the sex, we also found out that the baby is perfectly healthy and a very active little bugger indeed!  I've been feeling him move around for the last week or so and when we saw him on the ultrasound he acted just like a fish flipping and turning about so we could enjoy every side of him.  He wouldn't calm down either, just kept wiggling about and kicking me.  The ultrasound tech kept saying, "este niƱo nunca para eh?" ("this boy never stops huh?") and joked that the baby was being so active because he knew we were watching him and he wanted to show off.  It might have been slightly annoying for her because she was trying to take a decent picture and see if there was anything wrong with his heart, or head, or spine, but it was super entertaining for us! We couldn't stop smiling and laughing at his antics and a few times I had to wipe away tears from my cheeks.  The Professor kept squeezing my hand and bending over to kiss me as we watched our little one's pyrotechnics.

Here are some pictures from the sonogram.  Here is the baby's profile. You can see his little head and chest.  The second photo is of the little feet that love to kick me especially when I'm lying quietly at night and trying to go to sleep.  And last but not least, our favorite picture, the baby giving us the thumbs up!


  1. Kiana!! I'm crying...IN starbucks...IN cali...people don't do that here apparently! I LOVE these photos! I'm so moved. (Yea, they're downloaded and saved Obviously my favorite is the thumbs up. What a reassuring little boy!

    PS - If I had have been there and saw you look at your tummy and say what you said...I probably would have been crying more than either of you.

    I'm gonna have to wash Pierre in preparation of meeting the little...

  2. OMG! That's so amazing. Congratulations. I feel like you knew it all along from your last post. Mother's intuition huh? :)

  3. A future soccer star in the making :o)

  4. Awwww Congrats!!! That's so exciting!! I love the thumbs up, what a keepsake. Ours too was having a major dance party at our US and I loved it. The babe kept on opening and closing its mouth like fishy too. Soo cute