Monday, January 9, 2012

Thank goodness for covers!

Because under them is normally where you can find either Gadget or me (or both of us!) on any given day.  Yes, baby---it certainly is cold outside.   Average daily temperatures are in the fifties and at night, the low forties.  This may not seem that cold to you but first of all, the Professor, Gadget and I are all native Floridians and second of all, we still don´t have the heat installed yet so we have to go around our apartment dressed as warmly as if we were headed out.   That means that you can still find me sporting a scarf, mittens and two pairs of socks while padding about my house.  The Professor gets a reprieve from the cold from Monday through Friday when he goes to work and enjoys their central heating system (lucky bastard!).  In the meantime, I stay at home and wait for delivery men, inspection men, and maintenance men.  Apparently, our hot water pump was installed incorrectly and before the gas man comes back to turn the gas on, he needs a tube to be replaced and reinstalled.  According to the owner who rented us this place, this will all be taken care of tomorrow which he stopped by this afternoon to tell me.  The internet will also be installed in the vague time frame of ¨some time this week.¨

It seems like everything takes forever to get done here.  You rarely hear the word "today" anymore.  Instead you hear, "tomorrow", "next week" or "lo mas pronto posible", which is my favorite.  That´s Spanish for, "as soon as possible" and basically refers to anytime from next week to next month.  Fortunately, we have found a way to cope! With no internet, we spend a lot of time walking about our neighborhood and going to local cafés with wifi (or wee-fee as it´s called here). At home, we play cards or watch movies on our laptops.  And to combat the cold, the Professor and I bought a tiny space heater last week for €30.  It´s less than a foot-tall but ít´s awfully powerful!  If you turn it on high and keep all the doors closed, it will heat an entire room in around 30 minutes.  Not too shabby at all. 

Hope you guys are well and warm!

P.S. Sorry for the blurry photos. Cats are poor subjects unless they´re asleep which is only 15 hours of the day and not normally when I have my camera handy! :)


  1. BUY A HOT WATER BOTTLE! Sorry to shout haha. My apartment is super cold all the time (landlord is the one that has access to the heat control, not me) and a hot water bottle makes allll the difference, even more so than my space heater. Glad you guys got an apartment and are settling in!

  2. @Kerry Lol, thanks for the tip! This is what my dad suggested too. If only we could find a solution for the times we're not in bed! :)

  3. Love the first pic of Gadget! =) Not blurry and certainly adorable! =)