Thursday, January 19, 2012

Progress: Living/Dining rooms

Now that we've been living in our new apartment for almost three weeks, we're starting to feel a bit more settled in and I think our home reflects that.  We've unpacked and cleared away most of the boxes and have actually bought a few pieces of furniture (actually just two pieces--those bookcases you see in the living room) and one (just one!) accessory--that gold mirror on top of the bookcase.  I bought that from an antique shop across the street from our place for 25 Euro.  The guy even threw in a free book! Needless to say, I'll be going back there :)

The one thing that's a bit tricky about this space is that this rather small room serves three purposes:  it's a living room, a dining room and kitchen all in one (as our real estate agent described it, "al estilo 'loft' americano").  In the first picture above where you see that giant, plastic jug of water on the floor on the right hand side, is also more or less where the kitchen begins. The kitchen stretches across the entire right hand side of the room, as you can see in the second picture above.  In the third picture, is the dining room.  Notice that there's not a lot of space separating the dining room from the living room. Tricky indeed. 

So, how do we plan to make this space work?  Well, we've got some ideas.  Because I'm obsessively detail-oriented, I mapped out in newspaper what I planned to do with the space before there was a single box or piece of furniture in here.  

This is what I envisioned the living room to look like:

*Where you see the thin row of newspapers pushed against the wall is where I envisioned the bookcases/TV to go as they are currently set up.  The patterned brown and white tapestry on the floor is where I envisioned our future carpet to go.  And the chubby block of newspapers in front of it, is where I planned for the sofa to go.  

For the dining room, I think that an L-shaped banquette is the way to go:

I thought that by shoving benches up against the wall, we could both save on space and have extra seating whenever we have guests.  Hopefully we can find benches with storage underneath so we can keep the space as uncluttered as possible.  The big, round piece of newspaper is where the table would go.  We're looking for a round table with a pedestal base and also one that expands to accommodate six people. 

As I said, I think this is the best layout for the space but I'm no professional (seriously. I'm a political science and language major!)  I would love to hear (actually read) your thoughts!  So, tell me: what do you guys think?


  1. It looks great so far; lots of natural light! I'm so bad with layout though, but that looks good to me. I love your little cat behind the tv hehe. I hope you keep adding Spanish phrases in with your English...I know some Spanish and love to learn new words/phrases especially from a real person and not a textbook!

  2. I love it! I love how you mapped it all out with newspaper. I never would have thought to do that, but it's so you. =) I can't wait to visit!!! PS- Regarding our earlier conversation: Sorry for being a little crazy and impatient, but just remember, I love you both and you guys still need to love me when I'm silly. =D

  3. I also would go with a rectangle table instead of round to go as the length of the benches. Maravilloso!

  4. omg! it looks so homey! it's turning out so nicelyyyy :)