Friday, January 13, 2012

Good news!

Remember this stuff?  Well, it's here! Finally!  Our stuff made it safe and sound from Miami to South Carolina to some small town in England, to our door in Spain!  Except that they didn't really drop the stuff off at our door.  The very kind movers explained that since we have no elevator (and we live on the 3rd floor), they couldn't help us carry the boxes up.  Yep, we were on our own.  After the movers left, we quickly sorted the boxes into three piles: light enough for me to carry, heavy, and hernia-inducing.  Being the true gentleman and overprotective husband that he is, the Professor only let me carry up five boxes that were mostly filled with linens and fragile stuff.  Then he carried up the other 15 boxes by himself while I did useful things like hold the door open and call down encouraging things from my perch on the third floor landing.  Isn't he grand? I've decided to reward him with a hamburger and a beer at one of our favorite pubs tonight :)

Anyway, we're very, very glad to finally have our stuff.  For the past week we've been cooking every meal in one saute pan and using plastic plates and forks to eat with.  Now, not only do we have our plates, silverware and pots and pans, we also have all of our books and movies, extra sheets and blankets, and of course some silly, sentimental stuff that just makes us feel at home like my collection of tiny, white ceramic bowls or my mule and huaso statue that my sister brought me from Chile.

I am really so relieved that everything made it in one piece (not a single broken thing!) and that our things arrived in a timely manner.  For how little we paid for our things to be shipped to us here, I really felt that maybe it was too good to be true and that we might be disappointed in the end.  I'm so glad that this wasn't the case.  Thank you to everyone at UPakWeShip for this experience!


  1. Glad to be of service !
    Enjoy Spain, might have to come visit you one day and share stories, some Rioja and Tapas !

  2. Awesome! So excited for you guys! You all settled in yet?