Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Inside BCN

Hello everyone! As you may have guessed, the Professor and I (and Gadget!) have arrived safe and sound in Barcelona.  We actually got here Sunday night after a long flight and two layovers (three hours in Miami, three in Berlin).   Even though we've only been here for three days,  I feel like we've been on go ever since we arrived.  There is just so much to do before we can get settled!  We need to apply for residency, open a bank account, get a cell phone and start looking for apartments.  This isn't as straightforward as it sounds because unfortunately in order for one thing to happen A, B, and C need to happen first and you need to deal with the bureaucracy to get A, B, and C done.  I'll go into that more tomorrow.

For now, I thought I'd show you guys where we're staying.  Up until a week ago, we were under the impression that the University was going to put us up in faculty housing for a week or two while we looked for an apartment.  However, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that for some reason, they decided to put us in a short-term apartment instead.   The aparthotel (as they call it) is called Inside BCN and is located in the trendy Born district near Las Ramblas.  There are a great many bars, cafes, and souvenir shops around here and a LOT of tourists. We hear English everywhere! 

As it turns out, the aparthotel was a fantastic idea. For one thing, unlike a hotel, you are not a confined to just one room.  This place has a living/dining room, a tiny kitchen, a bathroom and a small bedroom.  Plus it comes with practically all you need.   In the kitchen, there are pots and pans, plates and silverware,  knives and even a spaghetti strainer.  That means that instead of eating out all the time which would certainly get pricey in this area of town, we could instead head to the local market and buy things to make at home.  Which we've been doing!  This little aparthotel is so cute and cozy I kind of want to stay here awhile.  But as we've only got the place reserved for another six days, we really need to get started on that apartment hunt. Yikes! Stay tuned for Apartment Hunters International later this week!


  1. Awesome, Kiana...you guys made it!
    Best of luck with the apartment hunt, hope you find a lovely one that you can call home.
    Happy holidays!

  2. Kiana! That IS a pleasant surprise! Your place is beautiful! I wish you could stay there. =\ Hope you find a place you love there. (get a place with a room for me in case I quit med school and move their. I miss you guys so much, it literally hurts. I'm so happy and proud of you both though. Goal for tomorrow is learning how to use Skype. Email me your Skype user names please. Love you guys!