Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for pumpkin centerpieces....and family of course

Hello loves! I know I've been MIA these last two days.  But I'm still alive! Don't worry! I've just been being lazy and neglecting this little blog.  However, as it's the day before Thanksgiving, I thought I would make an appearance to share my family's Thanksgiving tradition.

First of all, the Professor and I celebrate not one but TWO Thanksgivings every year.   We have a Thanksgiving lunch with my family at around 1pm and a Thanksgiving dinner with the Professor's family at around five. Which means that Thanksgiving is the day where we make the TUMS corporation rich.   In my family, Thanksgiving is always a potluck dinner but my older sister is still the director.  She makes the turkey and pumpkin pie every year and tells everyone else what they can make.  My other sister and I will usually make side dishes like mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and butternut squash soup.  My dad will normally make Persian shirazi salad and my mom will make Chilean sopaipillas.  And in the end, we'll have far too much food for seven people to eat.

After we eat, we normally play a board game, watch a movie, or just hang out and talk.  Then, the Professor and I will say goodbye to everyone, load ourselves into the car and drive to his aunt's house.  There we will be forcefully encouraged to partake in some of their appetizers while we await our second big meal of the day.  At around six thirty, dinner will be served.  The Professor's family does a pretty traditional American Thanksgiving with a few Cuban touches.  His aunt makes a turkey and a sweet potato casserole and she even buys cans of cranberry sauce which no one ever touches.  But then she makes sweet plantains, black beans and rice, and flan for dessert.  Adorable, huh?  In my opinion, that is exactly what Thanksgiving should be: a celebration wherein each person brings something from their culture to share with others.

After dinner has been cleared away, we bust out the dominoes.  Because no Cuban party would be complete without a game of dominoes.  I normally play five or six games before I decide that I've lost enough quarters to the Professor's cousins and his aunt.  Then, with our bellies full and bursting, we say goodbye to everyone, load ourselves into the car once again, and drive home.

I'd love to hear about your family's traditions as well! What's your Thanksgiving like?

Happy Turkey Day!

(Photo: Pumpkin centerpiece)

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  1. We always watch the parade in the morning and then just lounge for the rest of the day. And of course we play games too...Happy Thanksgiving!