Monday, November 28, 2011

My sister and I help the economy

Otherwise known as Black Friday shopping.  Yes, readers, I was crazy enough to hit the mall on Friday morning and I dragged the Professor and my sister along with me.  Above are some of the things I bought.  I probably spent thirty dollars at Banana Republic (where everything on sale was an additional 40% off) and another thirty at Anthropologie (where sale items were 50% off).  I actually shop at Banana Republic and its affiliates, the GAP and Old Navy, on a frequent basis since the prices are so reasonable and you can always get good stuff on clearance.  But as much as I love Anthropologie, I can only afford their stuff on Black Friday.  Sad, eh?  I know.  Meanwhile my sister, who is a huge clothes horse AND a total shopaholic, blew around $200 at Banana, $60 at Anthro, and another $60 at the GAP.  Isn't she a champ?  We rounded out the weekend by eating leftover pumpkin pie and going to the movies to catch "The Muppets" (which is a must-see by the way!)

What did you guys do over the weekend?  Did you also brave the crowds and long lines at the mall? Or did you have the kind of comfy, restful weekend I always claim I want but never seem to get?

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