Monday, October 24, 2011

Three years and counting

Three years ago I married the man in this picture. This is a man who:

1.  Calls me, "my beautiful one"
2.  Still calls my dad "Sir"
3.  Covers my eyes whenever there is a scary/gory/sad scene in a movie because he knows it will freak me out/gross me out/make me cry.
4.  Threatens to wrap me in bubble wrap because I walk into something, stub my toe, trip, or singe myself almost every day.
5.  Gives me his honest and considered opinion on everything I ask him about: nail polish color, home decor, recipes, etc.  Then when I ignore his opinion and buy/do whatever I want, he doesn't get mad at me.

Here's to at least three more ridiculously happy years together.  More than three wouldn't be too bad either.  :)


  1. It better be more than 3 years! WOMAN!!! =) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LOVE!

    ps- did the professor tell you I texted?? If not, leave his ass. ;)

  2. Hello!!

    I was browsing on FB and I saw your blog and I don't know why I hadn't never noticed it.
    I was reading your publications on your blog...and it's a great write very should be a writer...

    Congrats for you work and go on with this nice blog.


    ps- greetings to the professor