Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spooky décor year-round

In case you've been living under a rock (and if you have, well done getting out from under there!) next week is Halloween!  I am a huge fan of this holiday for all of the wrong reasons.  I don't particularly like getting dressed up, I don't like slasher films, and my sweet-tooth doesn't quite extend to consuming buckets full of candy.  BUT, I love taking a day out of the year to reflect on the morbid/macabre, embrace all things black (this might be a leftover from the days when I was "goth" in high school), carve pumpkins, and laugh at all of the cute costumes the kids are wearing these days.  Plus, since I'll soon be moving to Spain where they generally do not celebrate Halloween, I kind of feel like I should go all out this year. Kind of like a last hurrah. 
Because I love Halloween so much, I've decided to treat you guys to a week of posts that are Halloween-inspired.  I hope to share things with you that will hopefully inspire you or at least make you smile. So here goes!

All around the blogosphere nowadays, you're likely seeing posts on how to dress your home up for Halloween.  While I have nothing against spiderweb chandeliers or bat garland, I thought I'd show you some ideas of how to incorporate spooky, Halloweenish décor into your home year-round.

To that end, you could start with some dramatic wallpaper in dark colors:

Or you could put up a poster of your favorite scary movie.  I particularly love these modern renditions of classic horror flicks.

Or you could incorporate some of these accessories into your home.  How about a c'mere hand hook for your entryway?

Or a freaky white tree sculpture?

Or Edgar Allen Poe dinnerware?  I love these plates. Not only are they pretty but they encourage you to eat up all of your food so you can read the story!

What do you guys think? Is spooky décor for you?

(Photos: Skull wallpaper, Birds wallpaper, Shining, Psycho, Hand, Tree, Poe Plates)


  1. I adore the birds wallpaper for myself. The rest I'd be happy to see at YOUR house. =) Except the hand hook thing....that's freaky.

  2. Love the posters! My husband's favorite movie is, The Shining! Excellent idea for a birthday gift.