Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An autumn celebration....via Pinterest

In South Florida we don't get to experience the seasons as other regions do.  We pretty much have only two seasons down here--summer and hurricane season.  Hurricane season generally extends from June through October and summer generally extends from January to December.  The perennial and stifling heat of Miami means that we Miamians need to rely on commercial cues to know that a season is taking place in another part of the nation.  Fall is my favorite season and yet I only know fall is here when:

1)  the pumpkin spice latte is available at Starbucks
2)  NPR has its Fall Fund drive
3)  all of my favorite stores start advertising cardigans, scarves, boots and printed leggings
4)  my birthday rolls around

Since becoming a member (and addict) of the image-sharing website, Pinterest, I have found a new way to celebrate the fall--by pinning and repinning images of my favorite fall things.  So here you are. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Fall is also my favorite season. It's when I married my beautiful wife.

  2. Who is anonymous? Is that the professor?

    Also, we ARE making those apple things. (And...I ordered the DKNY clearance one from Bed Bath and Beyond.) =)