Saturday, August 27, 2011


As a follow up to Monday's post, "Life's a beach,"  I saw this post yesterday on Anne's blog, Pret a Voyager,  about all the shops, restaurants, and businesses being closed in Paris for the summer.  Anne very cleverly and humorously walked about the City of Lights and took pictures of all of the "Closed for the summer" signs.  My favorite one is the one above, "We are all relaxing in Mexico. We're sorry you came for no reason but we'll be thrilled to help you when we return on the 30th of August."

And on a related note, I just found this article on the Huffington Post that compares the length of paid vacation time in  all of the European countries. You'll never guess which country ranks #1.  (Hint: This is why Frau Merkel got hate mail).

Buen fin de semana! :)

(Photo: Pret a Voyager)

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